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  • Blizzards Affecting Farming

    Blizzards Affecting Farming

    In October of 2013, thousands of cattle perished in South Dakota as a blizzard named Atlas barreled through the region. This sudden storm occurred after days of high temperatures. The farming industry, like all others, is vulnerable to unexpected di...

  • Pollution Due to Chemical Industries

    Pollution Due to Chemical Industries

    Chemical pollutants are in the fish that we eat.Chemical industries produce many products that we use on a day-to-day basis, but these products have harmful effects when they pollute land and water. The problems include too much use of these chemicals, incorrect disposal of waste that contains the...

  • Dolphin's Ecological Importance

    Dolphin's Ecological Importance

    Dolphins can act as a sentinel species.Sentinel species are animals that can give us an insight into the health of the ecosystem. Dolphins are thought to be an important sentinel species that can give us a view into what may be negatively impacting their environment, and consequently, our...

  • What Does a Conservation Biologist Do?

    What Does a Conservation Biologist Do?

    Conservation biologists conduct research on threatened and endangered species and habitats.Conservation biology is the study, management, protection and restoration of threatened species, ecological communities, habitats and ecosystems in an effort to preserve biological diversity. Scientists who work in this field play a vital role in rev...

  • Nature's Color for Warnings

    Nature's Color for Warnings

    The bright hues of some species may be a method of defense from predators.Warning coloration, or aposematism, is a defense system in which prey species have evolved striking colors and patterns to warn potential predators that they are toxic. In addition to bright colors, the prey species may also be characterized by stron...

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  • Animals in the News

    Animals in the News
    by Gregory McNamee From time to time, a Gila woodpecker (Melanerpes uropygialis) wings its way from the nearby river bottom to the front of my office and drills down into the porch beams in the hope of finding an errant insect. The beams are made of mesquite, a hard, dense wood, durable enough to have […]
  • Stopping Ritual Slaughter

    Stopping Ritual Slaughter
    by Expand Animal Rights Now (EARN) Our thanks to EARN for providing this piece on Kapporot, an important issue for the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. What is Kapparot? Kapparot is a Jewish religious practice in which a live chicken is swung over a person’s head three times before the chicken is slaughtered. The purpose of […]
  • Federal Agencies Limit Endangered Species Act

    Federal Agencies Limit Endangered Species Act
    It doesn?t take Congressional attacks on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to dilute the landmark law?s conservation benefits. The agencies responsible for its administration are already doing so by further defining and narrowing the standards that are used to identify species in need of protection.
  • Action Alert from the National Anti-Vivisection Society

    Action Alert from the National Anti-Vivisection Society
    This week's Take Action Thursday looks at some important recent court actions aimed at determining an animal?s status in society and under the law.
  • The Movement for Hens to Move

    The Movement for Hens to Move
    KPBS of San Diego reported this weekend on Hilliker?s Ranch Fresh Eggs in Lakeside converting its battery cage egg facility to cage-free housing for hens. Owner Frank Hilliker says the birds appear to be happier and are producing more. He says he was against the cage-free idea for 40 years, especially in 2008 when California voters decided Proposition 2 in November of that year. But after voters emphatically said they want more humane treatment of laying hens, Hilliker has invested $200,000 to convert one hen house and has four more to go.