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  • What is in a typical electronic cigarette cartridge?

    What is in a typical electronic cigarette cartridge?

    The primary cartridge ingredient is propylene glycol, and the secondary ingredients are water, nicotine and a flavor to replicate the taste of traditional smoking.

    Propylene Glycol ? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined propylene glycol to be ?generally recognized as safe? for use in food and propylene glycol is used in cosmetics and medicines. It is used in food coloring, and flavoring, as an additive to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist, and in machines that simulate smoke, although usage in simulating smoking devices is not currently included in the list of uses recognized by the FDA. 

    Water ? Water which is usually filtered.

    Nicotine ? is an alkaloid found in certain plants, predominately tobacco, and in lower quantities, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, bell-peppers and some teas.

    Ethanol ? is 200% proof alcohol (same as used in making alcoholic beverages, and is used to extract nicotine from the tobacco leaf.

    Glycerol (glycerin) ? Glycerol is a chemical compound also commonly called glycerin or glycerine. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. For human consumption, glycerol is classified by the FDA among the sugar alcohols as a caloric macronutrient.

  • What are the electronic cigarette scams?

    What are the electronic cigarette scams?

    As more individuals are moving over to electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are sometimes known as, there is a scam which is impacting a large number of those who are obtaining e-cigs on the internet.  But there is a method in which this can be prevented.

    In the event you are one of the a large number of smokers converting to e cigarettes from regular cigarettes, there exists a good chance you will purchase the starter kit on the net. You will find lots of suppliers who are promoting different brands of e-cigs on the internet. Some of these vendors have knowingly swindled innocent victims of hundreds of dollars by making offers that appear too good to be true.

    For anyone who is interested in buying an electronic cigarette starter kit, or disposable electronic cigarettes, avoid the brand names or vendors that offer free trials. To acquire a free trial you have to submit your credit card information, and if you get an unprincipled supplier, you will be running into a number of very high charges for things which you have not ordered.

  • A good Review of the Appeal and Efficiency of Electronic cigarettes

    A good Review of the Appeal and Efficiency of Electronic cigarettes

    An electronic cigarette, also called an e-cigarette or e-cig or personal vaporizer, is basically a product which has been made to give the user doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution by way of inhalation. They can provide that very same physical sensation that's sensed when smoking an ordinary cigarette. One thing which electronic cigarettes can provide which tobacco based products can not is well-being and safety.

     Each time a person inhales with the electronic cigarette, a heating device is activated. Inside the mouth piece of the device, a flavored liquid option is stored. In the event the heating element is activated, heat vaporizes the liquid inside the cartridge. Thus, the consumer can then breathe in the vapor.

     Consisting of the essential components of a mouth piece, a heating element plus a rechargeable battery, the e-cig is really quite a straightforward design. Because so many e cigarettes are usually reusable devices, they require a fully rechargeable battery. This battery is what powers the heating unit.

  • Shopping To obtain The Bargains In Electronic Cigarettes?

    Shopping To obtain The Bargains In Electronic Cigarettes?

    Throughout the last 8-10 years the recognition of electronic cigarettes has increased immensely. Nowadays 1 in 20 among the more than 40 million smokers in The United States has changed to smoking electronic cigarettes or 'e-cigs' as they are also identified as. You can find literally thousands of websites that are supplying them on sale. The majority are reputable and others are a scam. Now you ask exactly where do you find the very best bargain?

    The brand that gives an online or live customer care support is actually one that can be dependable. The offers that are outlined usually are extremely alluring and very competitively priced. Almost any curious shopper can easily contact customer support to authenticate the great deal. This is typically a good practice - if you see a special offer, always check into the credibility of the offer. These websites receive plenty of visitors and sales.

    Ensure that there is an unconditional money back guarantee regarding anything purchased out of the site. A money back guarantee gives the intended customer assurance that the seller is able to back the products with some sort of unconditional guarantee. Businesses that have faith in their prices and products usually offer this type of option and a warranty.

  • Electronic Cigarette Bonus

    Electronic Cigarette Bonus

    An electronic cigarette is a device that uses a rechargeable battery that causes a nicotine solution to evaporate.The vapour that is generated gives the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette. 

    Here are some reasons why an electronic cigarettes are a better alternative to conventional tobacco ones:

    Health-E-cigarettes are a safer alternative because they do not contain the 4000 or so harmful toxins or carcinogens that are readily found in tobacco cigarettes.You can smoke them in places where cigarette smoking is banned, because they emit a harmless vapour. Normal cigarettes emit second-hand smoke which is harmful to those nearby.

    Cost-Electronic cigarettes cost much less than normal cigarettes. In fact, the savings recalculated to be as much as 75% over a year for a person who smokes a pack a day.

    Convenience-They are much easier to use because they do not require a lighter to light. You just need to press a button on the device to activate it. Then you begin to inhale and smoke as you normally do. Its that simple!