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  • A twisty, fact-paced 'Aftermath' intrigues

    A twisty, fact-paced 'Aftermath' intrigues

    The intriguing thriller "Aftermath" could be called blue-collar noir. With its clutch of shady characters, pitch dark humor and blunt talk, the film evokes such 1990s-era criminal outings as "Fargo," "Reservoir Dogs" and "True Romance," but set in the world of home construction.

  • Presumably you're Mr Red, but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony...

    Presumably you're Mr Red, but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony...

    Presumably you're 'Mr Red', but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony Blair evokes Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs as he takes THREE bodyguards on afternoon stroll through Manhattan The former British Prime Minister went for an afternoon stroll through New York City flanked by three besuited bodyguards in scenes reminiscent of the film Reservoir Dogs. Wearing a dark suit and white shirt, he strode the sidewalk with purpose, protected on all sides by a detail of hired muscle.

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  • Since my life changed with the birth of my daughter I have not had the time to devote to blogging. While the sites in the portfolio have remained online and I hope people have found the content helpful, I have not been able to give the sites the attention they deserve and therefore have decided […]
  • Celebrity Dog Watcher - Digging up Celebrity Dog News - Arf!
  • Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee

    Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee
    Miley Cyrus Gets a Prison-Quality Tattoo of her dog – That crazy Miley is at it again with another questionable decision, this time getting a poor-quality tattoo of her late dog, Floyd under her left arm. (Floyd was unfortunately killed by a coyote a few weeks ago) Yes, it says, “With a little help from […]
  • Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia

    Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia
    Lady Gaga’s Dog: A French Bulldog Named, Asia: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby” - Lady Gaga, Born This Way Not sure if Lady Gaga was inspired by her female French Bulldog puppy, Asia, when she wrote that song, […]
  • Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records

    Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records
    The Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever occurred last year between Baby Hope Diamond (a Coton de Tulear, right) and Chilly Pasternak (a poodle, left) to take the Guiness Book of World Records spot for the most expensive pet wedding ever at over $250k. The dog wedding took place at the Jumeriah Essex House Hotel in […]
  • Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)

    Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)
    Dog Dynasty? With all of the controversy swirling around Duck Dynasty, (Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks) it’s nice to get a happy distraction. Jep Robertson, and his wife Jessica introduced a new member of the family this month; a puppy named, “Gizmo.” (Maybe named after that fuzzy Gremlin?) From this photo, it looks like Gizmo is […]
  • Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn

    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn
    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried’s Dog, Finn – Amanda Seyfried and boyfriend Justin Long were first spotted as an item over the summer, but now it looks like things have heated up between Justin and…. her dog, Finn. Well, good for the three of them. Looks like they are all happy. Here’s a photo that […]
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  • Obie the Obese Dachshund loses 54 pounds

    Obie the Obese Dachshund loses 54 pounds
    And becomes a calendar dog Obie got headlines and TV appearances back in 2012 when he weighed in at 77 pounds. That is over 50 pounds more than his ideal weight. He was so fat he dragged the ground and he had to wear a vest to protect his belly. Obie was sweet and loving and knew how to get his former elderly owners to overfeed him people food. He never met a cookie he...
  • Derby runs on 3D printed prosthetics

    Derby runs on 3D printed prosthetics
    Born with deformities in both of his front legs, Derby the dog could not run and could only crawl on soft surfaces. With the help of 3D printed prosthetics, Derby?s life completely changed. He was placed into a foster home by The Peace And Paws Rescue and ended up with a 3DSystems employee, Tara Anderson. Two designers and Derrick Campana, an animal orthotist, scanned Derby?s legs and made cradles and blades that fit him perfectly....
  • Climate change conference causes big fat carbon footprint

    Climate change conference causes big fat carbon footprint
    While those of us in the northern hemisphere fight the ravages of an early winter, some 11,000 people who might be smarter than we are have headed to the United Nations climate talks in Lima, Peru where it is warm. For a long time ?global warming? events were snowed out in places like Copenhagen and New York City. Since it was embarrassing, organizers changed the name to ?climate change? and tried to hold them in...
  • Afghanistan Veteran reunited with his dog four years after she was given away

    Afghanistan Veteran reunited with his dog four years after she was given away
    Bones the Bulldog was a Christmas present to John Russo from his mother in 2008, according to a story from ABC News. Although John had broken up with his ex-girl friend, she agreed to take care of Bones when he left for deployment to Afghanistan in 2009. But when he got home he found that the ex- had surrendered Bones and moved away so he had no way of contacting her to find out where...
  • What if dogs made their own TV commercials?

    What if dogs made their own TV commercials?
    They would probably be the best commercials of the year. Remember Harvey? In 2010 while he was a shelter dog he made a commercial showing that "Every home needs a Harvey." He was so sure he would get adopted that he had his little bag packed. Now Harvey is back with a new commercial, this one full of romance. The geniuses helping Harvey are Thinkbox, a UK marketing lobby group for commercial television. Their job...
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  • Laura Schlessinger Condemns Pit Bulls; Dog Lovers Strike Back

    Laura Schlessinger Condemns Pit Bulls; Dog Lovers Strike Back

    On Monday of this week, satellite talk show host Laura Schlessinger outraged dog lovers when she talked about going to a local dog shelter. Schlessinger said that she was shocked that there were so many Pit Bulls in the shelter and that she considered them a "waste of space" who should be put down.

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    To anyone who's paid even cursory attention to her career, the fact that Laura Schlessinger said something stupid and hateful shouldn't be surprising. It's kind of what she does. Her entire career has essentially been built on selling hackneyed stereotypes as straightforward common sense. In 2000, gay rights activists campaigned against Schlessinger's new television show because over the years, she had repeatedly referred to gay men and lesbians as "biological errors," as well as saying that gay men were predators and pedophiles. The show went on the air but was cancelled after only a year.

    In 2010, Schlessinger was forced to make the move from broadcast radio to satellite after she used the n-word 11 times while talking to a black woman who had called her show. The woman, who was married to a white man, asked for advice because she felt her husband let friends and family make racist comments around her without speaking up. Schlessinger told the woman, "If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor, don't marry out of your race."

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    Laura Schlessinger on CNN.

    A week after the call, Schlessinger announced that she had "decided" to stop doing radio and move to satellite broadcasting.

    "I want to regain my First Amendment rights," she told Larry King in an interview. "I want to be able to say what's on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I'm sort of done with that."

    Compared to using the n-word eleven times or calling gay men pedophiles, her comments about Pit Bulls might be considered relatively mild. They come from the same place, however; they exploit commonly held fears and ignorance, and they parade these as courage. Schlessinger would be nowhere if she weren't able to persuade an awful lot of people that her bigotry is actually an act of resistance.

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    Mischievous face of Pit Bull by Shutterstock.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who would be quite happy to kill Pit Bulls en masse, just as there are many people who cling to the idea that LGBT people are out to rape their children or that racism would go away if only black people would stop being so "sensitive" about it. Just last month, a 9-year-old girl and her family had to fight to keep their town from taking her pet and euthanizing it for no other reason than that he was a Pit Bull. Despite what her PR hacks might want us to think, Schlessinger hasn't said anything new or courageous. Schlessinger has never in her career gone after anyone who had more power than her. She invariably targets those who are already marginalized by the prejudices of others and then pretends that she's speaking truth to power.

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    Close-up of Pit Bull Terrier by Shutterstock.

    Fortunately, dog lovers have been pushing back and trying to make Schlessinger accountable. Writer Janet Goree has been especially prominent, using her column and her Twitter feed to promote Schlessinger's critics. Goree says that when she called Schlessinger's office for a comment, the person on the phone hung up on her; a request for comment via Twitter was ignored.

    As of this writing, an online petition condemning Schlessinger has gotten 10,000 signatures. (Organizers are trying for 20,000.) The petition reads in part:

    Such speeches are completely unacceptable. The reputation that Pit Bulls have is totally misleading -- since the 1980, the media has begun to portray Pit Bulls as dangerous dogs. This couldn't be any more false! There is no such thing as a 'bad' dog, but rather a 'bad' owner! In addition, because of their good temperaments -- friendly nature, loyalty and stability -- Pit Bulls are considered the perfect 'nanny dogs' for children. They make excellent family and their love for children is well known.

    Dog lovers have also started a hashtag campaign on Twitter. Pit owners have been asked to tweet pictures of their dogs with the (incredibly long) tag #Drlaurawhydoyouwantmedead.

    Schlessinger herself has ignored all criticism. Just as Goree's requests for comment were ignored, Schlessinger's Twitter feed and Facebook page haven't even acknowledged the controversy. The posts simply continue to churn past like they would any other week, summarizing her "call of the day" and dispensing trite pieces of "wisdom."

    What do you think? Is there a way to make Schlessinger sit up and notice, or does the controversy just serve her public relations strategy by giving her attention?

    Via Inquistr

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  • So Much Winning: Doge Stars in a Meme Pinball Game

    So Much Winning: Doge Stars in a Meme Pinball Game

    When I was young, I was blessed and cursed with a mean game of pinball. It was a blessing because I could waste an hour on a quarter. It was a curse because I could waste an hour on a quarter. I could have learned computer programming. And I spent many afternoons in the company of Rudy from the 1990 Williams game Funhouse, which was a horrible thing to do, because Rudy is insane.

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    I bring all this up because I would play the crap out of Meme Ball, the meme pinball game. What's a meme pinball game? You might have to sit down: Imagine all the memes put into a pinball game. That's Meme Ball

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    But why Meme Ball? you might ask. Well, it appears that it was simply a thing to do. According to the A.V. Club, British game room retailer Liberty Games converted a 1975 Segasa Baby Doll pinball game into Meme Ball, asking itself, "What is every office (well, every office of an ecommerce games room retailer) missing?"

    A meme pinball game, that's what.

    Doge is a huge presence in the game, garning choice locations on the machine and the playfield. Take a look: 

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    There's also that doggie chap under the start button and the one on the side:

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    Don't you want to play that? 

    All photos via Liberty Games

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  • Dog Eats Homework -- a Diorama of a Farm!

    Dog Eats Homework -- a Diorama of a Farm!

    Despite its status as the flimsiest excuse in the world, it is true that sometimes the dog does eat your homework. But what if your homework is a diorama of a farm from the Middle Ages?

    Yes, a dog will eat that, too. 

    That's what happened to Reagan Hardin, a high school student at Magnolia West High School in Magnolia, Texas. She made a diorama of a farm from the Middle Ages, complete with little horses and goats and sheep and chickens, for her World History class -- sorry, her AP World History class -- and her dog ate it. He took everything. 

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    "He ate pretty much all this," Hardin told KHOU, gesturing to second diorama of a farm from the Middle Ages, Roscoe having eaten the first.

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    The second diorama. (Roscoe the dog ate the first one -- you're clear on that part, right?)

    Clearly, a trip to the vet was in order once the tragedy had befallen the farm.

    "You might be able to see a beak right there, and that's an eye. I think that's our chicken head right there," said Dr. Carl Southern, directing a KHOU reporter's gaze to X-rays of Roscoe's belly.

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    He ticked off what he had extracted with a scope: "Half of a horse body, a sheep, a chicken head. I kept seeing a little pink horse body go by, but it ended up being a pig with a curly tail." And what Southern didn't get, Roscoe passed out on his own. 

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    Then, because vets have a sense of humor about such things, they took a picture of the pieces and sent them to Hardin. 

    As for Roscoe, he's going great, just having to deal with the discomfort of the scope but thankfully not surgery. By nighttime, he was eating again. And Harding was wondering exactly how to present this to her teacher. 

    Via KHOU

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  • Norman Bridwell, Creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dies at 86

    Norman Bridwell, Creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dies at 86

    Other than Snoopy, there may be no more famous dog in children's literature than Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Norman Bridwell, an unemployed commercial artist, invented Clifford in 1963. Since then, he's been ubiquitous in children's books, cartoons, stuffed animals, and toys.

    Clifford may live on for years to come -- decades, even -- but his creator has passed away. At 86 years old, Bridwell died last Friday in a hospital on Martha's Vineyard. No cause of death was given when the announcement was made by a spokeswoman from Scholastic Books on Tuesday, but Bridwell's wife Norma told the Associated Press that he'd been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was in the hospital recovering from the effects of a fall three weeks ago.

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    There are plenty of kids who would have beem delighted to have a dog who dwarfed a house, regardless of the problems with housing codes, medical care, and dog food expenses it would have caused for their parents. Clifford embodied one of children's ultimate fantasies: His good nature matched his immense size, and the combination made him both safe and fun.

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    Bridwell meets young fans at the Scholastic Store in NYC in 2011. (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Stuart Ramson)

    Scholastic Books has published Clifford's adventures since the very first book came out in 1963. At that point, nine publishers had already rejected the manuscript. Bridwell went on to write 150 titles starring the lovable red pooch, which were translated into 13 different languages. Clifford even got his own animated series on PBS from 2000 to 2003.

    Dick Robinson, the chairman and president of Scholastic, described Clifford's appeal to The New York Times following the announcement of Bridwell's death: "Clifford was a lovable dog, an awkward character, shy, very big and therefore always bumping into things and causing a stir. And in Clifford children saw themselves."

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    (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Stuart Ramson)

    Bridwell himself said of Clifford: "He's red and he's warm. Clifford does what you'd like to do but can't. Because Clifford is so big and also because he's a dog, he's able to do the most unbelievable and imaginative things." Those imaginative things always took place in mundane settings, though. Other than his size, Clifford has always been a pretty ordinary dog who does things like go to the beach or makes friends in his own neighborhood. He's never taken trips to outer space or met fairy magicians.

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    A Clifford parade balloon in 2008. (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Jorge Barrios)

    Robinson speaks of Clifford in the past tense, but the dog actually does have a future, even after the death of the man who brought him to life. There are two more Clifford books -- Clifford Goes to Kindergarten and Clifford Celebrates Hannukah -- scheduled to come out in 2015, and a feature film is set for release in 2016.

    Via The New York Times and Time

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  • Dead Woman's Will: Euthanize My Dog and Place His Ashes With Mine

    Dead Woman's Will: Euthanize My Dog and Place His Ashes With Mine

    It's possible that in life, Connie Lay of Aurora, Indiana, may have been a good owner, but in death she's an abysmal one: She loved her dog so much she wants him put to death and his ashes placed with her own. 

    Lay is dead. This is all coming from her will. It's a terrible will. 

    "(Lay) made provisions that in the event of her death, she wanted her very close friend to take charge of the dog," said her attorney Doug Denmure, according to WCPO. "She also then requested that the dog be put to sleep, cremated, and that the dog's ashes be placed with her own ashes." 

    Fortunately, there's an out. The friend has another option: Send Bela to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. But if that option is "not possible" or "too much expense," according to the will, then it's to the gas chamber for Bela. 

    However, after Lay died on Nov. 25, that second option appeared to be "not possible," because according to Fox 19, Bela was scheduled to be put down on Tuesday. That was put on hold, fortunately. Now Bela is in a legal limbo while this gets sorted out. While people have come forward to adopt him, Denmure says that Bela is Lay's dog and the executor of her will has the authority to carry out her wishes.  

    Denmure also said that the dog is aggressive, and that Lay didn't trust him around others, according to WCPO. 

    "He could cause damage and inflict bodily harm on strangers, in particular, children," Denmure said. "When (Lay) died, she died at her home and the dog was in there. No one could enter the house because they were concerned the dog would attack."

    However, people who have handled the dog since Lay died report no such aggressive behavior, according to Fox 19. 

    Bela is being housed at PAWS of Dearborn County Humane Center in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, which took on the dog after Lay passed. The group released a message Tuesday on Facebook, stating that it would play no part in any euthanization plans:  

    Legally, Bela is considered the property of the estate of the deceased person and not PAWS Humane Center. He is only being housed and cared for at our center while legal proceedings with the estate are being finalized. PAWS has no legal right or control over his outcome. Bela will not be euthanized at our facility, either by PAWS staff or the Dearborn County Animal Control Officers. If a euthanization decision is reached by the estate, then it will be the responsibility of the estate to make those arrangements elsewhere. We appreciate your care and concern for Bela and all of the animals in Dearborn County.

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    As it stands now, Lay's friend has the ultimate say over what to do with Bela. Denmure said there is no time limit for that decision. With people coming forward to adopt the dog, and with the Best Friends option still on the table, it would be insane to think Bela would ultimately be put down.

    But you never know. Some people, like Lay, just want their dogs to die. 

    Via Fox 19

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