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  • Since my life changed with the birth of my daughter I have not had the time to devote to blogging. While the sites in the portfolio have remained online and I hope people have found the content helpful, I have not been able to give the sites the attention they deserve and therefore have decided […]
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  • Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee

    Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee
    Miley Cyrus Gets a Prison-Quality Tattoo of her dog – That crazy Miley is at it again with another questionable decision, this time getting a poor-quality tattoo of her late dog, Floyd under her left arm. (Floyd was unfortunately killed by a coyote a few weeks ago) Yes, it says, “With a little help from […]
  • Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia

    Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia
    Lady Gaga’s Dog: A French Bulldog Named, Asia: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby” - Lady Gaga, Born This Way Not sure if Lady Gaga was inspired by her female French Bulldog puppy, Asia, when she wrote that song, […]
  • Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records

    Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records
    The Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever occurred last year between Baby Hope Diamond (a Coton de Tulear, right) and Chilly Pasternak (a poodle, left) to take the Guiness Book of World Records spot for the most expensive pet wedding ever at over $250k. The dog wedding took place at the Jumeriah Essex House Hotel in […]
  • Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)

    Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)
    Dog Dynasty? With all of the controversy swirling around Duck Dynasty, (Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks) it’s nice to get a happy distraction. Jep Robertson, and his wife Jessica introduced a new member of the family this month; a puppy named, “Gizmo.” (Maybe named after that fuzzy Gremlin?) From this photo, it looks like Gizmo is […]
  • Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn

    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn
    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried’s Dog, Finn – Amanda Seyfried and boyfriend Justin Long were first spotted as an item over the summer, but now it looks like things have heated up between Justin and…. her dog, Finn. Well, good for the three of them. Looks like they are all happy. Here’s a photo that […]
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  • My dogs don't know what you mean when you tell them to ?Lay? down

    My dogs don't know what you mean when you tell them to ?Lay? down
    They respond only to ?Lie" down. But wait!! Before you think we are grammar Nazis, let me explain why we are not. Here's something your English teachers may not have told you: when enough people make a mistake in English, that mistake becomes accepted. The language is in a constant state of change; otherwise we would be saying words like ?forsooth,? ?zounds,? ?prithee,? and ?whoreson.? (Which I consider a far more powerful insult than our...
  • Israeli forces leave no man?or dog?behind

    Israeli forces leave no man?or dog?behind
    With the conviction that no soldier should be left behind on the battlefield, the IDF was photographed carrying a wounded military dog to safety. Source In contrast, Hamas attempts to turn playgrounds into battlefields. They have been reported to have rigged donkeys and dogs with explosives to send into populated areas as suicide bombers. So where is PETA? Shouldn't they be protesting this outrageous use of animals?
  • Turbo the Chihuahua puppy gets toy wheels

    Turbo the Chihuahua puppy gets toy wheels
    When Turbo was born without front legs, his owners looked for help. After inquiring at several veterinarian hospitals, they found the staff at Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis who agreed to take him in and give him a chance at a life he deserves. Manager Amy Birk didn't even consider euthanizing him. He is an otherwise healthy puppy who could live a happy life with the right family in spite of his disability. He will be...
  • This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time

    This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time
    A recent study in Sweden using Beagle dogs concluded that the dogs were happier and more excited when they worked for their reward instead of just having it handed to them. Bella is a gorgeous Belgian Malinois. Her owner, Eveline Poot, had this device made for her big appetite and inquisitive nature-- ?...because she eats too fast when I just put the food in her bowl. But also because she has a lot of energy,...
  • Sketches of his dog brings success to formerly homeless man

    Sketches of his dog brings success to formerly homeless man
    A different kind of homeless story... John Dolan's life had descended into poverty, drugs, crime and homelessness at the age of 43 until his dog George came into it. A homeless woman gave the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to John when George was just a puppy. At first George was quite aggressive, but after a month of training, Dolan said, "He became a really pleasant dog." While begging on the street John drew sketches...
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  • No, Really: This Woman's Musical Instrument Is Her Dog

    No, Really: This Woman's Musical Instrument Is Her Dog

    We see a lot of videos of dogs playing piano and such, and even dogs who front grindcore bands, but rarely do we see someone picking up her dog, tuning him, and then playing him like stringed instrument.

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    We probably haven't see a lot of those videos because nobody saw much point in it. A dog is not a violin. Anybody can see that. But finally someone refused to see what was real and drab and boring and true, and chose to live with her head in the clouds, wondering if what cannot be can one day be. 

    She is from Taiwan. She picked up her dog. She played her dog like a musical instrument.

    Now, the genius of this whole thing is because of her dog, because he got into it. He rocked out. All that fingerpicking going on on his stomach did a number on his nervous system, and his little legs just go haywire, twitching and kicking like they're conducting the music. As the seconds tick past he goes into some Zen-like fugue state while his legs continue their onslaught. 

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    To see the full video, head over to this Facebook post. 

    The video made us wonder: This dog is really loving this song he's being played as. What other songs would dogs love to be played as? We think "Dueling Banjos" (Deliverance), Metallica's Master of Puppets (full album), and that tiny little Phil Collins' drum fill from "In the Air Tonight" would send a dog into orbit.  

    What do you think?

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  • The Jerky Treat Problem Needs More Than a "Natural" Solution

    The Jerky Treat Problem Needs More Than a "Natural" Solution

    Anyone who reads Dogster regularly should know about the ongoing problem with jerky treats that are made in China. Hundreds of deaths and illnesses have been linked to the treats over the past few years. In May, PetSmart and PetCo stores stopped selling jerky treats from China, a move that many thought was long overdue.

    Amidst all the tragedy and worry about jerky treats, there comes what seems to be a genuine feel-good story: Debi Lisle, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is making and selling homemade dog treats after her own dog, Mocha Marie, died last year. Lisle says she believes Mocha Marie was killed by the treats. Only two weeks before she died, the dog had received a clean bill of health from the vet.

    "She was just bigger than life," Lisle told Tulsa TV station KJRH  "She was like a four year old (getting) into everybody's business, and everybody that met her loved her. When she died suddenly, I just started investigating. The only thing different in her life was the treats."

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    Pieces of jerky on a cutting board by Shutterstock.

    The homemade treats came about when Lisle adopted a new dog, Cooper. Cooper is a Labrador/Great Dane mix and has 11 food allergies. To accommodate Cooper's special needs, Lisle started experimenting in the kitchen. She came up with a batch of treats that worked perfectly, and from there, came up with a business plan for "Cooper's Kitchen." She has been selling her homemade treats for a year, in five locations in the Tulsa area.

    The story is about as heartwarming as possible. It makes every Frank Capra or Steven Spielberg movie look like hard-bitten noir from the mind of Chester Himes or Horace McCoy. It appeals to the way that Americans like to see ourselves: sturdy, independent-minded types who can build on our own personal tragedies to create something greater.

    So here's where I become Dogster's biggest spoilsport. (Actually, this is a pretty typical role for me; it's why they pay me the semi-big bucks.) The jerky treats have been a persistent problem for pet owners, but I'm not sure that Debi Lisle's homemade treats are a good solution.

    The first thing is this: Despite the fact that it has become shorthand for "soul-crushing Orwellian bureaucracy encroaching on our personal freedom," government regulation can be a good thing. It's an especially good thing when it's applied to things you're putting in your body, or your pets' bodies. China has such a lousy reputation for the safety of its goods because it has little to no government oversight of manufacturing conditions, and those that exist are poorly enforced. I hope that Lisle's snacks are complying with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, and not just being churned out in her kitchen. As much as her story appeals to our love of "can-do" spirit, "homemade" does not necessarily equal "healthy."

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    Pug on red couch by Shutterstock.

    The same applies to other aspects of the story. A lot of the selling points of the Cooper's Kitchen snacks are commonly used catchphrases that have positive associations for people, but should be looked at more closely. Specifically, part of the appeal is that the treats are "natural," and free of gluten and preservatives. Aren't these things good for you and your dog? As with most things, the answer is depressingly dull: It depends.

    For instance, "natural" is a vague term that can mean a lot of things. A lot of toxins are natural as well as organic, and some things that are very good for you are completely unnatural. The fact that I function from day to day is entirely thanks to unnatural medications that keep me from going into tonic-clonic convulsions. I live in Berkeley, where eating "natural" is practically a sacrament, and it sets my teeth on edge. To judge whether a food or medicine is good for you requires a lot more than knowing whether it's natural.

    As for gluten, that's another thing that should be challenged on a regular basis. Despite the hype that's built up over the past few years, for most people, "gluten-free" probably doesn't mean anything one way or the other. Just this May, a study came out showing that non-celiac gluten sensitivity -- the syndrome that's been driving the "gluten-free" craze -- probably doesn't exist. The study is an excellent example of science working the way it should. It was conducted by Peter Gibson, the very scientist who conducted the original study that purported to show gluten sensitivity in people who didn't have celiac disease. Despite all the publicity and acclaim that Gibson's 2011 study got him, he wasn't satisfied with the results and re-examined them, ultimately disproving his own work. If you or your dog don't have celiac disease, you can probably have all the gluten you want.

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    Labrador at the Vet by Shutterstock.

    The fact is, there is no simple solution to the problem of jerky treats from China. The problem might not even be China. As Dogster's own vet, Eric Barchas, writes:

    [R]emember that China bashing is highly de rigueur in today's society. It is possible that most of the dogs have been sickened by Chinese treats simply because most treats are made in China. Also remember that many foods that are "made in the USA" contain ingredients that originated in China. Long story short: no jerky, regardless of where it comes from, should be considered safe.

    We also can't say what treats are safe because we don't know for sure how many dogs have been sickened or killed by jerky treats, or what the cause is. The FDA's statement on the subject says that it has tested jerky treats for contamination by salmonella, metals, antibiotics, radiation, pesticides, mold, antiviral medications, rat and rodent poisons, and other toxins, but it has yet to pinpoint a cause. The agency has been able to do only 26 necropsies, but of those, half the dogs had other diseases, such as cancer.

    The problem of the jerky treats is obscure and complicated, and although I have no doubts about Debi Lisle's good intentions and fundamental decency as a human being, homemade treats aren't necessarily a solution for the problem. They might very well be delicious, and even healthy, but the needs of dogs vary as much as humans, and the fact that treats are natural and homemade doesn't eliminate the need for caution.

    What do you think? Do you give your dog jerky treats? Do you research what you feed your dog? Is going all-natural a solution? Let me know in the comments.

    Via KJRH

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  • Meet a Two-Legged Dog-Racing Wonder, Anderson Pooper

    Meet a Two-Legged Dog-Racing Wonder, Anderson Pooper

    Last week, a video appeared of a Dachshund in a wheelchair running in Seattle's Star 101.5 Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs on July 13. The dog, a female, is called Anderson Pooper, a name which is ... well, it's just beautiful.

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    What's notable here is not how Anderson Pooper just runs -- many dogs in wheelchairs run -- but how she gives it all she's got, like she's reporting in Kabul under enemy fire and has to race across town to get to the only decent espresso in town. Pooper runs, head bobbing, wheels churning, maintaining a bullet's path to the finish line -- dead true -- while beating all those dogs who just ran all over the place like idiots. Anderson Pooper is no idiot. The roar of the crowd fires her up. She sees her mom. She sets her course and floors it, like she's reporting on a hurricane in Florida and has to get to a hairdryer. 

    She gets to the hairdryer. 

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    Dave and Brenda Sizer, who own the wiener dog, say Anderson Pooper has a spinal injury, and they adopted the dog four years ago and dedicated themselves to her care. 

    As for her name, it's a heartwarming story. One day, according to the Daily Mail, Brenda remarked "how the dog was a big pooper." Dave, being a caring husband, decided that was a fine name -- Pooper. Then, because he is a gentleman, he added his wife's maiden name to it, and Anderson Pooper was born. 


    Back to her running: 

    "She loves running. Any chance she gets she's all in for it," he said. "We'll take her to the coast, and she'll run on the beach and we have a hard time keeping up with her."

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    Dave said this was Pooper's first race, and that she got off to a poor start because of mud on the track, but the Sizers expect her to race more. 

    "A lot of times people see her and go 'Awww, poor thing,'" he said. "We always say 'Don't feel sorry for her. She couldn't care less her legs don't work. She's as happy as she could be.'"

    Watch her race:

    You can donate to Anderson Pooper's nonprofit organization here, and you can also visit her on Twitter.

    Via the Daily Mail; photos via her Twitter page

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  • Watch the Fainting Schnauzer Currently Exploding YouTube

    Watch the Fainting Schnauzer Currently Exploding YouTube

    On Thursday, Rebecca Ehalt posted a video of her dog Casey on YouTube, and it's nearing 20 million views and 6,000 comments after just five days. The video shows Rebecca's excited dog after she returns from a two-year stay in Slovenia, and Casey is so excited she faints.

    It got us thinking: How do you possibly make a YouTube video that gets 20 million views and nearly 6,000 comments in five days? 

    Our step-by-step guide to making a YouTube video that gets 20 million views and nearly 6,000 comments in five days

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    Step 1: Make sure you have a fantastic dog

    Rebecca Ehalt and her family have Casey, a nine-year-old Schnauzer

    Step 2: Go to Slovenia for two years

    Or anywhere in Eastern Europe, really. Slovenia may have nothing to do with anything, but we like to cover all the bases. We recommend visiting Travelocity. 

    Step 3: Get engaged there

    Aw, congrats, Rebecca! 

    Step 4: Get married and then come back to Pennsylvania for a wedding reception that your parents are throwing, to allow you to celebrate with friends who didn't make it to the wedding in Slovenia

    This is top-notch parenting. Good on you, parents. 

    Step 5: Turn on the iPhone camera and capture THIS

    Did you see that? The dog fainting? Those squeals of happiness? Can you believe this wonderful dog? If only you had held the camera horizontally so all the subterranean commentators wouldn't crawl out of the sewers to complain that you are holding the camera vertically. 

    Step 6: Go to the vet

    Yes, these fine dog parents went to the vet to make sure Casey was okay, because, you know, she fainted when someone came home.

    She's fine, just extremely happy. 

    Step 7: Post video 

    Congratulations! You have 20 million views. Sit back and wait for the Today show to call. 

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    Via Today

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  • PETA's "Water for Vegans" Campaign Shows It Values Neither People Nor Animals

    PETA's "Water for Vegans" Campaign Shows It Values Neither People Nor Animals

    Rule number one for animal lovers should go something like this: Caring for the welfare of animals does not get you out of your responsibility to your fellow human beings.

    A part of me would like to think that didn't need to be said. When I see people who care about animals and will go to great lengths for his or her dog or cat, my natural instinct is to assume that this person is likely to show the same kind of compassion for human beings. Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- there's groups like PETA to keep me grounded in reality.

    PETA's latest media antic is an attempt to exploit the water crisis in Detroit. This week, the group announced that it would be happy to pay the water bills of 10 families -- if those families would be willing to commit to a vegan diet for one month.

    The reason that the crisis in Detroit has so many people watching in stunned horror is that thousands of people are being denied a staple of life -- water -- because they can't pay their bills. From the corporate point of view, their money is more important than their lives.

    PETA's offer is contemptible, condescending, and ignorant, and an excellent example of why I think that the group is bad for humans and animals alike. In essence, the offer is identical to the position of the city utility: Do what we say, or you can't have one of the basics of life. The United Nations has quite justly condemned the shut-off campaign as a violation of human rights. Just as human rights are not dependent on the ability to pay for them, they're not dependent on a person's choice of religion, sexuality, political party, or diet. Human rights come as part of the package, just by showing up on the planet.

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    An especially sensationalistic PETA ad.

    The shut-offs are not because Detroit happens to be filled with people who are too lazy and cheap to pay their bills. They're happening because of systemic poverty; most of these people are having to do a very deadly kind of calculus every month, where they choose between paying the bills for food, housing, water, and medical care. When you're that broke, the questions are answered based on what you need today. Tomorrow, next week, and next month will have to take care of themselves when they come around.

    I've been known to display a certain cynicism toward my fellow human beings, but PETA consistently jumps over the line into a poisonous misanthropy that leaves a bad taste on my tongue. Some people claim that the group is too radical, but ultimately, my problem with PETA is that it is essentially conservative, and it will gleefully pander to the sexism, racism, and class prejudices ingrained in our society.

    Perhaps I would be a little kinder to it if I thought that it was genuinely doing good things for animals. But I really do see the fate of animals and humans as being intertwined. If you don't understand the realities that your fellow human beings are dealing with every day, there's no way that you're going to be able to advise them on how to care for the animals in their lives, either. PETA seems not only unable to understand the realities of human beings, but unwilling to even try.

    For instance, one of the realities that poor people in America face are "food deserts." Poor neighborhoods have fewer grocery stores, they're farther apart, and those that are there offer fewer choices in food. Just as an example, it's easy for me to pick up organic foods in downtown Berkeley. We have an Andronico's, a Trader Joe's, and a Safeway, all within about a mile radius, with various specialty shops in between.

    When I lived in Brooklyn, however, most of our daily shopping was done at the bodega on the corner. There was a grocery store a few blocks away for more extensive shopping, but it was still tiny. No matter where you shopped, fresh produce was hard to get, and it came in a narrow selection. We usually wound up throwing out half-full milk cartons because it went bad in a matter of days. And this was a neighborhood that was on the verge of gentrification, just starting to become popular with hipsters.

    That's the reality of thousands who aren't even in situations as extreme as Detroit. Nevertheless, PETA feels comfortable speaking to the people of Detroit as though becoming vegan were as easy a transition as changing your shoes:

    The last thing that people who are struggling need is increased health-care costs. By accepting our offer to go vegan, not only will families be getting an immediate financial boost and helping animals, if they stick with it, they'll also lower their risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes.

    What people who are struggling really need is for PETA not to assume it understand the problems of poverty better than those who actually live it.

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    Dog in Bathroom Sink, Drinking Water by Shutterstock.

    I know that people are asking why I'm paying so much attention to people on a blog about dogs. But that's the point: Social upheaval like the kind that's happening in Detroit does affect the dogs and cats who live there as well. We saw this in Sochi, during the Olympics: The massive number of stray dogs on the streets was ultimately the result of corrupt government and contractors who seized peoples' homes in order to build facilities for the games. The people went from houses with yards into tiny apartments, and the dogs went onto the streets. As people in Detroit find themselves less able to provide food or water for themselves, they are also going to find themselves less able to provide them for the dogs and cats.

    It's the job of an organization like PETA to have the vision to see that sort of thing. Because it doesn't, animals and people suffer from its policies.

    What do you think? Does PETA's offer make sense? Or is it condescending and misguided? Let me know in the comments.

    Via Deadline Detroit and Jezebel

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  • Owner of slain dog happy cop got fired

    Owner of slain dog happy cop got fired
    Nicole Echlin, the owner of a dog shot to death by a Hometown police officer, says ?we got justice? because the officer has been fired. And she?s reconsidering the protest rally that?s planned for Sunday outside the police station because she has hired a lawyer for a possible lawsuit. The part-time officer, who has not been named, was fired Monday, after shooting the 16-month-old German Shepherd ...