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  • Presumably you're Mr Red, but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony...

    Presumably you're Mr Red, but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony...

    Presumably you're 'Mr Red', but where's Mr Brown these days? Tony Blair evokes Tarantino classic Reservoir Dogs as he takes THREE bodyguards on afternoon stroll through Manhattan The former British Prime Minister went for an afternoon stroll through New York City flanked by three besuited bodyguards in scenes reminiscent of the film Reservoir Dogs. Wearing a dark suit and white shirt, he strode the sidewalk with purpose, protected on all sides by a detail of hired muscle.

  • Wine Press: How much do you tip for a bottle of wine at a restaurant?

    Wine Press: How much do you tip for a bottle of wine at a restaurant?

    If you ask most Americans, most of us would say 15 to 20 percent - although even here I think there can be some debate, since some people tip based on the bill including the tax and others exclude the tax from their tip calculations. And don't even get me started on Europeans, especially Brits, speaking as someone who used to work in a restaurant that often had a lot of British visitors.

  • Tarantino sticks to retirement plans

    Tarantino sticks to retirement plans

    Bowing out ... film director Quentin Tarantino says he stands by plans to retire when he finishes work on his tenth film. Picture: AP CELEBRATED film director Quentin Tarantino has vowed to stick by his surprise plan to retire when he finishes his tenth film.

  • Stockholm Festival Kicks Off 25th Edition

    Stockholm Festival Kicks Off 25th Edition

    Some 201 films from 60 countries make the 25th edition of Stockholm Film Festival the biggest so far. Unspooling through Nov. 16, the festival is honoring Uma Thurman, Mike Leigh and recent Golden Lion winner Roy Andersson.

  • Stars honour Quentin Tarantino at gala

    Stars honour Quentin Tarantino at gala

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were among the stars who turned out to honour director Quentin Tarantino at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore also walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the ceremony honouring the Pulp Fiction director and conceptual artist Barbara Kruger.

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  • Since my life changed with the birth of my daughter I have not had the time to devote to blogging. While the sites in the portfolio have remained online and I hope people have found the content helpful, I have not been able to give the sites the attention they deserve and therefore have decided […]
  • Celebrity Dog Watcher - Digging up Celebrity Dog News - Arf!
  • Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee

    Miley Cyrus? Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee
    Miley Cyrus Gets a Prison-Quality Tattoo of her dog – That crazy Miley is at it again with another questionable decision, this time getting a poor-quality tattoo of her late dog, Floyd under her left arm. (Floyd was unfortunately killed by a coyote a few weeks ago) Yes, it says, “With a little help from […]
  • Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia

    Lady Gaga & Her French Bulldog, Asia
    Lady Gaga’s Dog: A French Bulldog Named, Asia: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby” - Lady Gaga, Born This Way Not sure if Lady Gaga was inspired by her female French Bulldog puppy, Asia, when she wrote that song, […]
  • Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records

    Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records
    The Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever occurred last year between Baby Hope Diamond (a Coton de Tulear, right) and Chilly Pasternak (a poodle, left) to take the Guiness Book of World Records spot for the most expensive pet wedding ever at over $250k. The dog wedding took place at the Jumeriah Essex House Hotel in […]
  • Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)

    Duck Dynasty Gets a New Dog (Doesn?t Look Like a Retriever!)
    Dog Dynasty? With all of the controversy swirling around Duck Dynasty, (Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks) it’s nice to get a happy distraction. Jep Robertson, and his wife Jessica introduced a new member of the family this month; a puppy named, “Gizmo.” (Maybe named after that fuzzy Gremlin?) From this photo, it looks like Gizmo is […]
  • Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn

    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried?s Dog, Finn
    Justin Long Loves Amanda Seyfried’s Dog, Finn – Amanda Seyfried and boyfriend Justin Long were first spotted as an item over the summer, but now it looks like things have heated up between Justin and…. her dog, Finn. Well, good for the three of them. Looks like they are all happy. Here’s a photo that […]
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  • The post in which I suggest the perfect gift for everyone on your list

    The post in which I suggest the perfect gift for everyone on your list
    Fun, practical, whimsical, personal. Everything a gift should be. You'll have fun shopping for it. They will smile when they open it and enjoy it every day as they think of you. Adults will feel like a kid again and kids will enjoy being kids. sent me a free pair of Poodle slippers to review. I smiled when I opened it and kept smiling as I wore them around. Warm and cozy Very high...
  • Life gets better

    Life gets better
    San Francisco 49ers - 17 Washington Redskins - 13
  • University of Tennessee mascot makes a chilly fashion statement

    University of Tennessee mascot makes a chilly fashion statement
    Temperatures dipped into the low 30?s last Saturday afternoon, too cold for all but the most devoted college football fans. In Kentucky, Tennessee crushed Kentucky 50-16, but there was more interest in Smokey, the Tennessee mascot, than in the game. Smokey was wearing an orange blanket over his usual orange and white checkered vest and was looking totally adorable. A tradition for 61 years, the current Smokey X is one of the few doggie athletic...
  • Golden Retriever obedience competition?

    Golden Retriever obedience competition?
    FAIL A Golden Retriever from Finland clearly has set his priorities, but they have little do with his training. He is supposed to wait patiently until he is called and run to his owner, ignoring the toys and treats. The Border Collie and German Shepherd dog perform flawlessly, but the Golden Retriever has his own ideas. He is adorable though and I can?t stop laughing. If you don?t LOL, you should check to see if...
  • Frida the Chihuahua named Mayor of San Francisco?

    Frida the Chihuahua named Mayor of San Francisco?
    Photo by Josh Norem She won the office the old fashioned way, by paying for it. Her owner (or ?guardian? as some terribly PC San Franciscans insist on saying) is Dean Clark, chief executive officer of For the Love of Dog USA, a non-profit group that raises awareness and funds for animals in need. He won a bidding war with other pet owners (or as some terribly PC San Franciscans say ?companion animal guardians?) to...
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  • Why Your Dog Makes Such a Mess Drinking Water

    Why Your Dog Makes Such a Mess Drinking Water

    Ever since we read that study about how cats drink -- "elegant," researchers called it, whereby just the tip of the tongue touches the surface and draws a column of water up to the cat's mouth like a conductor drawing the flutist up in Flight of the Bumblebee -- we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  

    It has, and it was a boot. Dogs drink way sloppier than cats. Way sloppier. They're horrible, basically. According to scientists at Virginia Tech and Purdue University, dogs "smash" their tongues against water -- they actually used that word, "smash" -- to create inelegant water columns, with lots of byproduct splish, sploosh, and splashing all around.

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    "When we started this project, we thought that dogs drink similarly to cats," said Sunny Jung, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech. "But it turns out that it's different because dogs smash their tongues on the water surface -- they make lots of splashing -- but a cat never does that."

    The research found that a dog, upon wanting a sip of water, will bash his tongue into the water, slapping a large part of it down, then rapidly drawing it up and creating a force up to eight times that of gravity. Cats, on the other hand, gently touch the water with just the tip of the tongue and create a force of just twice that of gravity. 

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    Also, "the volume of water a dog's tongue can move increases exponentially with body size," meaning ... christ, look at all this water on the ground! 

    According to the press release, Jung's "research focuses include biofluid mechanics and the nonlinear interactions between soft bodies and surrounding fluids," so we're inclined to believe him on this dog tongue stuff. In the future, he plans on moving away from pets to investigate "the diving dynamics of plunging seabirds, the skittering motion of frogs, and the response of leaves in response to high-speed raindrops." We wish him well. 

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    The study didn't explain why dogs drink differently than cats, but it may have something to do with the fact that dogs have better things to do than sit around all day gently sipping a cup of water and then sleeping for 12 hours. 

    Read more at APS Physics

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  • Pick Up Your Dog Poop Because Big Brother is Watching You

    Pick Up Your Dog Poop Because Big Brother is Watching You

    Campaigns encouraging dog owners to clean up behind their pets run the gamut from silly to weird to occasionally outright creepy. The story that we wrote up on Friday about painting poo pink fell somewhere between the silly and weird. It was silly the first time someone tried it in 2010; after it was implemented by several different towns, it just became weird.

    In contrast, the strategy tried by the charity Keep Britain Tidy zooms straight for the ominous and creepy. The organization has started a new campaign to erect hundreds of billboards with huge glowing eyes and the words "Thoughtless dog owners ? we're watching you!"

    Apparently, someone in Keep Britain Tidy read 1984 and came away with the idea that it was an operational "how-to" manual, rather than a cautionary tale.

    The signs are made of a material that "charges up" during the day and then glows at night. The campaign is specifically targeted at owners who are walking their dogs in the dark winter hours. The charitable organization's press release claims, "Research suggested that dog fouling tends to occur at night time and during the winter months, as some dog owners feel that they can't be seen 'under the cover of darkness.'"

    While people who don't pick up behind their dogs are obnoxious, the campaign seems to overstate them as a threat, as if lumps of stray dog poo may bring down life and civilization as we know it. According to the organization's chief executive, Phil Barton:

    Our most recent research tells us that people see dog fouling as, by far, the most unacceptable and dirtiest type of litter, and the biggest concern in environmental quality. With more than five million dogs in England producing nearly 600,000 tonnes of waste each year, these concerns are understandable. This campaign has been proven to make a difference and encourage the minority of dog owners who don't pick up after their pets to do the right thing.

    The campaign would feel a little creepy and over the top in any time, but gigantic, glowing eyes watching as you walk your dog play fears that are becoming more real than ever. In the United States, Edward Snowden pointed the finger at how the NSA has performed massive surveillance on Internet activity. In the United Kingdom, similar revelations have come out about the activities of the Government Communications Headquarters.

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    One of the posters. Is failing to clean up after your dog a crime against the State?

    In a world where those things are a reality, giant glowing eyes looking over people to make sure that they clean up their dog poop just cranks up the air of paranoia. Worse, it sends a message that you should clean up dog poop not because it's the right thing to do for your community, but because if you don't, some shadowy, omnipotent power will strike you down.

    Cleaning up after your pet is part of being a responsible dog owner. Can't we figure out a way to promote that message without creeping everyone out?

    Via The Telegraph

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  • Look at Julia Christe's Photos of Dogs Flying

    Look at Julia Christe's Photos of Dogs Flying

    At Dogster, it's no secret: We love it when professional photographers take pictures of dogs in things, on things, and in various states of wetness. We love Seth Casteel's pictures of dogs underwater -- and also his puppies underwater. We love Theron Humphrey's pictures of Maddie on things and Sophie Gamand's pictures of wet dogs. We love Sharon Montrose's pictures of parts of dogs. We also love Serenah's pictures of dogs looking funny and sorta goofy as well as Carli Davidson's pictures of dogs looking funny and sorta goofy. 

    Now, we love Julia Christe's pictures of dogs flying. No, really, they are soaring, airborne. OK, they're really falling. But still, they're up there, in the air, if only for a moment, hair flying, brain scrambling, wondering what the heck the lady with the camera is up to. Look: 

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    As for the mechanics of these airborne dogs, rest assured they got into the air under the best possible scenarios. Christe had their owners huck them off -- wait, no. She had them drop them them onto mattresses, according to the Guardian.

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    ?The expression on their faces mostly reflects the surprise of the first flight, and in most cases the first jump provided the best pictures,? said Christe, according to the Herald Sun

    ?Not every dog is born to fly, but some had great talent and became proper shooting stars.?

    Photos via Julia Christe's website.

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  • Who Will Win the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day?

    Who Will Win the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day?

    It's time again for the National Dog Show! America's most-watched dog show will be seen by millions on Thanksgiving, immediately after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And if you don't like football, it's a godsend. Here's the inside scoop on favorites for group and best in show wins.

    Last year, America's top dog was Jewel the American Foxhound. But Jewel has since hung up her show lead to be a stay-at-home mom. Perhaps one of the other American breeds, like the American Water Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Boston Terrier, or American Staffordshire Terrier, will win? It depends on who makes the trek to Philadelphia, city of doggedly love (or something like that), how they show on the day, and who the judge decides is the best on that day.

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    Jewel the American Foxhound took home top honors at last year's National Dog Show.

    We have our ideas, though.

    The Hound Group

    Jewel may not be in the Hound group this year, but her understudy, GCh Kiarry's Back in the Saddle, has become a star in his own right. He will try to keep Jewel's trophy in the family.

    And while we're talking about family, remember Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound who made history a few years ago with her Best in Show at Westminster? She also retired to motherhood, and now her daughter, Chelsea (GCh Foxcliffe's Chelsea Piers), is taking her place alongside Hickory's former handler Angela Lloyd. As this year's winner of the Deerhound National Specialty, she's another to watch.

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    Chelsea the Scottish Deerhound.

    But there's a complication: Lloyd also has a Treeing Walker Coonhound named GCh Cherry Creek Confetti who has been on the trail of some big wins. How will she show two dogs if both make it to the Hound group?

    The Treeing Walker is one of the more recently recognized Hound breeds, but even newer is the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. That's the one that looks sort of like a terrier/Dachshund mix. Or some kind of mix. Impress your friends by pointing it out before the announcer has a chance. You can also impress them if the smooth Saluki Ali (GCh Takara the Time is Now) wins the breed this year. She doesn't carry the customary long fringe on her ears and tail, but the smooth coat is an equally correct coat type.

    Other contenders for high honors might well be the top-winning Whippet, the incredible Ibizan Hound, the alluring Afghan Hound, and the baying Beagle. But in our opinion, the smart money for the top spot is on Nathan the Bloodhound, last year's Westminster Hound group winner, this year's top Hound, and an all-around pretty cool dude who goes more formally by GCh Flessner's International S'cess.

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    Nathan the Bloodhound.

    If Nathan wins the Hound group, he'll face stiff competition from the other group winners, especially the Working and Toy groups.

    The Working Group

    This promises to be one of the most hotly contested, with two heavyweights duking it out -- even though the No. 1 Working dog (and No. 1 dog all breeds) is rumored to have skipped the National Dog Show this year. Not so of the No. 2 and No. 3 Working dogs, both of whom plan to compete -- and win. Will it be the Akita, Trader (GCh Cr -Wicca's Trade Secret), who's already won 17 Best in Show awards this year? Or the Samoyed, Bogey (GCh Pebbles' Run Play It Again Ham), with seven Bests so far this year?

    Never discount the Doberman, Boxer, Rotty, or Siberian Husky, but this may be the year of the rarer breeds. Impress your friends by identifying the Leonberger, the lion-looking dog from Germany, and keep an eye out for the Standard Schnauzer and Bernese Mountain Dog.

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    Banana Joe is Ben There Done That's sire.

    The Toy Group

    Be prepared for another clash of the (tiny) titans. One of them is likely to be Ben (GCH Yarrow's Hi-Tech Ben There Done That). And if his name refers to winning, especially winning Best in Shows, then yeah, he's aptly named. Small surprise, considering his sire is another former Westminster Best in Show winner, Joey (GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari), and his handler, Ernesto Lara, also piloted Joey to his wins. And while it doesn't matter as far as winning, two of his owners, the Truesdales, are some of the most active and benevolent sponsors of the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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    Ben the Affenpinscher.

    But if Ben wants to have done that in the winner's circle again, he'll have to get past the General: that is, GCh Pequest General Tso, another star at the end of renowned Peke breeder David Fitzpatrick's leash. And Fitzpatrick is another who might just find himself with two dogs in the Toy group if the Chinese Crested he's showing wins Best of Breed. While we think this is a two-dog showdown between the Peke and the Affenpinscher, don't discount the Pug and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    The Sporting Group

    This group is always a crowd favorite, especially since it includes America's favorite breed, the Labrador. But Labs are notorious underachievers at the group level. Will this year's winner change that?

    More often, the Golden is the Retriever who fetches all the ribbons, and this year has an impressive entry. Will it be a golden win? Or will the nod go to one of the flashier Setters or Spaniels? Setter-wise, we like the English, Blaze (GCh Weymouth's en Fuego), who is ranked No. 16 of all breeds, although we hear a lesser-known Gordon named Sadie (GCh Sandpiper's Shore Why Knot) has set her sights on the big prize as well. And never ignore the spaniels, whether flashy Cockers or Springers or one of the more subtle ones like the Field or Clumber. And don't ignore the German Shorthaired Pointer!

    The Non-Sporting group is always tough, being home to the poofed Poodles, dashing Dalmatians and frumpy Frenchies. Poodle competition is once again at fever pitch this year, so look for whichever Poodle emerges from the breed victorious to be a contender.

    But maybe this isn't the year of the foo-foo. We think it could be the year of the Dalmatian. Or French Bulldog. We're bullish on this year's Frenchie favorite: GCh Diva's Bastille My Heart (Freda) -- her clever name would be reason enough, but she's also had a stellar show year. Also watch out for the hairless Xoloitzcuintli, if only so you can impress your friends with your pronunciation skills (say Sho-lo-ITZ-keent-lee. Or just "Sho-lo" for short!).

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    Freda the French Bulldog. Photo by Ethan Wheeler.

    The Herding Group

    Famed German Shepherd handler and breeder Jimmy Moses, winner of Best in Show at Westminster with two different GSDs, will be judging the Herding group, so any Shepherd in his ring is going to face a tough critic. For that reason, we aren't going to choose a Shepherd as one of our favorites, despite their dominance of the Herding group.

    Instead we may again go with another second-generation winner, this time the Bearded Collie, or maybe the perky Shetland Sheepdog or one of the chipper Corgis. This group is really up in the air, so go for a longshot! By the way, look for the Pyrenean Shepherd -- cute and smart!

    The Terrier Group

    No group of dogs has so dominated the show world as has the classic Terrier group. Often small in number, it's never short of quality. With last year's top dog of all breeds, Sky the Wire Fox Terrier, retired, there's a rush to fill her place. We happen to know the current top terrier stayed in the sunny south for the weekend, but there's still going to be plenty of quality in Philadelphia.

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    Sky the Wire Fox Terrier.

    Fox Terriers, both wire and smooth, are always the ones to beat, and recently the smooths seem to be especially quality-laden, so look for a Smooth Fox Terrier amongst the finalists. But this year don't discount one of the short-legged terriers, or even a bully breed.

    Norfolk Terrier GCh Yarrow Venerie Ticket to Ride (Rider) shares a kennel name and owner with the Affenpinscher we've already mentioned in the Toy Group. Could there be a family feud in Best in Show? Maybe. He's one of the top Terriers in the country. He could be challenged by a couple of other breeds from the British Isles, the Scotty or Sealyham. But surely there will be one American breed to stave off the British invasion! We think it will be up to the American Staffordshire Terrier, Flash (GCh An Garda Deja Vu Looking at You) to get the Liberty Bell ringing.

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    Rider the Norfolk Terrier.

    Best in Show

    So who will come into the Best in Show ring for the final smackdown? It's hard to know for sure, but we're thinking Nathan the Bloodhound, Blaze the English Setter, Freda the Frenchie, General Tso the Peke, Ben the Affenpinscher, Trader the Akita, Bogey the Samoyed, or Rider the Norfolk are most likely to strut away with the red, white, and blue ribbon at America's red, white, and blue dog show.

    But if we really had to put our money where our mouth is, we're thinking Nathan is the hottest on the trail right now. Or the General. Or Trader. Or Rider. Or... wait, who will win the Herding group?

    Read more about spending Thanksgiving with dogs:

    Interested in breed profiles? Find dozens of them here.


    About the author: Caroline Coile is the author of 34 dog books, including the top-selling Barron's Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds. She has written for various publications and is currently a columnist for AKC Family Dog. She shares her home with three naughty Salukis and one Jack Russell Terrier

  • Live Puppies Romp in the SF SPCA Macy's Holiday Windows Event

    Live Puppies Romp in the SF SPCA Macy's Holiday Windows Event

    At 3 p.m. Friday, a crowd had formed outside the Macy's in downtown San Francisco. Everybody was restlessly awaiting the stroke of five, when bright red curtains would open to reveal live puppies playing, prancing, and doing who knows what else inside the store's soaring street-side windows. 

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    It was part of a heartwarming annual partnership between Macy's and the San Francisco SPCA, in which whimsical holiday-themed window displays are created to house live dogs and cats, which passersby can adopt. 

    "We've always had a great turnout, but this is incredible," said the store's media-relations manager, Megan Pardo.

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    "It's a great opportunity to spread the holiday spirit," she added as everyone from office workers to bikers to bearded hipsters -- and the occasional curious canine -- thronged the windows, clamoring behind velvet ropes and forming a queue that snaked all the way across the street. 

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    The SF SPCA has staged its holiday-window project in various San Francisco stores, starting with Gump's, for the last 28 years. This is its 11th consecutive year partnering with Macy's. Since 1987, the window displays have led to more than 8,000 adoptions; 2013 was a record-breaker, with 343 animals finding new homes and $100,000 raised in donations. 

    This year, as for the past five, the displays were built in New York City by Spaeth Design, then trucked to San Francisco, where they were reassembled and embellished. These displays can take up to two weeks to install in Macy's windows and one week to remove. Open to view through January 4, only some of the windows feature live animals; others are whimsical wonderlands with moving parts. 

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    As the sky darkened and the moment of the unveiling drew near, students from the De Marillac Academy choir sang Christmas carols. Their elf-hatted classmates then dramatically swung open the drapes.

    The crowd pressed forward, enthralled by a glorious display, in which child-sized figures ice-skated around a magical San Francisco landscape. 

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    Other windows featured live kittens -- and the event's guest of honor, celebrity feline Grumpy Cat. (Read coverage of her appearance on our sister site, Catster.) But for many in attendance, the main attraction was the adorable fuzzy puppies that lolled, blinked, rolled, and gazed at the hundreds of human spectators smiling and cooing and snapping pictures.

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    Could some of those faces belong to the puppies' new families?

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    "At this time of year, we have such a great need" to get animals adopted, said SF SPCA co-president Jennifer Scarlett.

    The window displays are designed to keep the animals safe and at ease -- "with plenty of ventilation and no carpeting," explained Scarlett, a veterinarian who adopted her own dog, a blue merle named Huri, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

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    Ten to 12 animals are on display at any given time. As animals are adopted they are replaced in the windows. Volunteers ensure the comfort of the animals in the windows and of their replacements, who rest in cages in a temporary holding area inside Macy's.

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    "We try to keep litters together, and if any animal ever seems stressed in the windows, we take them right out," Scarlett said. "Occasionally, an older dog will be like, 'What? Get me out of here.' But most of these animals are young enough that they don't mind" the odd environment or being a public spectacle. The windows are visible not only from the street but also via webcam.

    Anyone who falls in love with a dog or cat who they see behind those windows need only visit the temporary holding area and ask to adopt the animal.

    Share this image

    "It's an open adoption program," Scarlett explained. Rather than screening potential adoptees, she said, "We have conversations. We let them know that if it doesn't work out, they can come back with the animal -- but our return rates are lower at this time of year than at other times."

    And that's a holiday gift for all of us.

    All photographs 2014 by Kristan Lawson.

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  • Poochie the poodle taken away while owner paid for takeout

    Poochie the poodle taken away while owner paid for takeout
    Someone took away Ross Logan's dog while he was getting takeout. Logan ordered his food and was waiting outside with his dog while the food was being prepared. "A man approached me?he asked if the roti shop was still open, I said yes," Logan told CBC News on Sunday.
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    CNN "Hero of the Year Award" Recipient Receives 2014 Humanitarian Award From American Dog Rescue During Humane Society ...
    NEW YORK, Nov. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pen Farthing, Founder of Nowzad Dog Rescue in Afghanistan and recipient of the 2014 CNN "Hero of the Year Award" received American Dog Rescue Foundation's 2014 Humanitarian Award Friday night while attending the Humane Society of The United States' To the Rescue! New York in New York City, Nov. 21. American Dog Rescue's most notable collaboration with ...
  • Dog found alive a week after hit-and-run crash

    Dog found alive a week after hit-and-run crash
    One week after her owner?s parked car was smashed by a hit-and-run driver, Sadie the dog has been found alive three miles from the crash scene.
  • Naughty Dog Releasing Collectible Precursor Orb - IGN News

    Naughty Dog Releasing Collectible Precursor Orb - IGN News
    To commemorate three decades of gaming, Naughty Dog is releasing the 30th Anniversary Jak and Daxter Precursor Orb. The artifact originated in the Jak and Daxter series, "left by the Precursors to serve an unknown purpose." Since then, it has become an icon of the studio, appearing as an Easter Egg in numerous games.
  • Sharing is caring? Expanding UK's co-op economy

    Sharing is caring? Expanding UK's co-op economy
    From empty spare rooms to community dog-sitting, Channel 4 News gets an exclusive look into a new report which suggests as much as a quarter of the UK population are part of the sharing economy.