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  • Since my life changed with the birth of my daughter I have not had the time to devote to blogging. While the sites in the portfolio have remained online and I hope people have found the content helpful, I have not been able to give the sites the attention they deserve and therefore have decided […]
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  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday
    Thanks to Pam (pammybean) (who always wants to be first to say it) for the reminder. Costumes can be purchased here.
  • Costa Rica?s Land of the Strays cares for homeless dogs

    Costa Rica?s Land of the Strays cares for homeless dogs
    Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters On a grassy hillside in the center of Costa Rica is a sanctuary where an estimated 750 to 900 homeless dogs safely roam free. (Getting an accurate count of that many dogs seems to be like herding cats.) It is run by a small staff which feeds, medicates and cleans up after the dogs. Territorio de Zaquates or Land of the Strays is a 375-acre privately funded sanctuary which provides stray dogs...
  • Maybe dogs really do like to be hugged

    Maybe dogs really do like to be hugged
    GTeam/Shutterstock) Maybe what is stressful is having their picture taken. A couple weeks ago I cited a study by Dr. Stanley Coren in which he examined 250 random pictures of people hugging dogs and he pointed out signs of stress. His conclusion was that 81% of the dogs were uncomfortable and seemed to want the hugging to stop, 11% were neutral and less than 8% enjoyed it. However, Corey Cohen, a companion animal behavior therapist...
  • Golden Poodle awards for April

    Golden Poodle awards for April
    The Golden Poodle award goes to Holly, the little pup who was rescued at five-weeks-old with a crushed leg. After it was amputated she became an inspiration to us all. The Lizard Brain award goes to the family that left their Husky alone while they went to a movie. A calligraphy set traced the incredible movements of the dog throughout the house (but remarkably not on the bed). The Neanderthal award goes to poachers in...
  • California's most famous Chihuahua gets a forever home

    California's most famous Chihuahua gets a forever home
    Californians love a car chase. But early this month we were entertained by a Chihuahua-motorcycle chase across the Bay Bridge. CHP units noticed a black Chihuahua on the north side catwalk (it would be a dogwalk at that time). They stopped all lanes of traffic while a motorcycle unit tried to catch the dog who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the race. Finally they were able to box him in and distract him while an...